AFAB™ Alignment System will level your Laser and/or Robotic System precisely, fast and reliably at a fraction of a cost.

Examples of applications:
Lasers - beam alignment
Robotics - leveling of the robot mounting flange, or base
  - alignment of stations and end efectors
  - leveling of chucks
Machinery - leveling of machine’s bases and components
- adjustment of heights of various componernts

AFAB™ is a trademark of an alignment kit. Each kit consists of adjustment nipple (1), keyed nipple adjuster (2) and screw (3). The most typical application of the system is leveling of various mechanical devices. For the best results it is recommended to use three AFABTM kits per each leveling application. Three-point leveling method with AFABTM kits has three features that makes the system more suitable for this task than other conventional methods:

1. alignment procedure does not stress the material
2. alignment is permanent (due to feature 1)
3. alignment procedure is very fast (in most cases the first attempt succeeds)

Another advantage of the AFABTM system is its precision, which is compatible with laser systems. AFABTM provides such precision at a fraction of the cost of conventional laser alignment systems. Single quantity price of the most commonly used sizes is in the range of $16.50 to $19, and decreases to $13 -$15 at large quantities.

See "How it Works" Demo

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