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Each line of products comprises 72 major sizes (36 imperial and 36 metric).  We have
all 72 sizes of standard kits in stock, available for the same day shipment.

The advanced line of products is currently being introduced to the market.   We have
machined already more than 50% of parts, but some parts have not been made yet.  For
some parts, we have not even made models.  This is the reason that there are a few empty
places in design charts.  They will be filled out pretty soon.

Please note that the basic technical specification for the advanced alignment kits
(parameters such as precision of regulation being a function of the nipple thread and
stroke) is exactly the same as for the standard products.  All basic parameters are shown
in the design charts, even for those parts, which have some empty spaces.  Having these
parameters and knowing the principle of operation of the advanced alignment kits one
..easily determine, which size would be proper for a new machine he/she is working
on.  If you would like to have an alignment kit which is not yet in our online catalog
please not hesitate to get in touch with us.  We will not be able to ship such parts the
same day, but we will adjust our production schedule to be able to machine and ship the
parts within approximately eight weeks, or sooner.  

Thank you for visiting our website, thank you for reading this important message.
Dear potential Customer,

Please do not be surprised and discouraged if you find some empty spaces in design
charts of the second part of this website.  Please continue to read to find why.

Silicon Valley Automation offers two major lines of AFAB leveling and alignment
1.  The well-established line of standard alignment
kits, which we have been selling for  over twenty
years,  and . . . . .
2.  Advanced alignment kits,  
which we are introducing
to the market by releasing
this new website and catalog.