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SVA Catalog for Standard Parts
This page provides links to data charts that allow a designer to chose an
appropriate AFAB™ alignment kit, and incorporate the kit into a project.   
The first three charts show basic dimensions of thirty six standard AFAB™
kits designed for the
imperial measurement system.  Each chart shows
data for three AFAB families (
Tab. 1 shows the definition of a family)
tabularized in two tables.

The metric counterparts of imperial families are shown on the following
three charts.

All seventy two parts are divided into groups of four, marked with alternating
colors.  Each group constitutes a family.  Please note that all parts in a family
have the same basic dimensions.  They differ with precision, and a stroke of
the adjustment.  The following table shows basic features of all parts within a
group, and an example that illustrates the rule:
Generic dimensions of standard kits.
The following drawings are generic drawings of all components of AFAB™ kit.  They are shown in the following
order: threaded adjustment nipple, and locking screw. Their alphanumeric, symbolic dimensions are tabularized in the
charts linked below.
AFAB Standard Family Charts
Standard AFAB Alignment Assemblies - Imperial Sizes
Standard AFAB Alignment Assemblies - Metric Sizes
Fig. 9
Tab. 1